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    Would You Wore These Custom-Made Helmets?

    Although it is a very important part of safety equipment, many motorcyclists avoid using it. The artist from Dubai, Jyo John Mulloor, came to the bizarre idea how to make helmet wearing with more fun.  When they appeared, it was important to motorcycle riders keep alive. Over time, the design of the helmet was promoted […] More

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    Ford Police Interceptor Special Edition

    Ford was recently announced that it will promote its new Police Interceptor at the upcoming Auto Show in Chicago. Although it was not mentioned, it was clear that a new police vehicle is based on the Explorer model for 2016, which is now officially confirmed in this new factory images and new PR announcement. The […] More

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    BMW Has Presented The New X6 Model

    BMW has released the first official images and details of its new generation X6. In any case, the new X6 will have the same platform as the new X5, from which primarily differ by changed rear part and lower the roof. The new X6 is lighter than its predecessor, more spacious, and also economical. The […] More