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Armin Strom One Week Skeleton Watch

One Week Skeleton Collection

Armin Strom is a superb horological brand that originates from the Swiss town of Burgdorf, located northeast of the Bern. They are known for their fantastic skeletonised watches. Many sophisticated watches have come out of their workshop, and a One Week Skeleton Collection will be the first timepiece that is produced entirely in the workshop […]

World’s Largest Gold Nugget Created from a Single Crystal Worth $1.5 Million

World's Largest Gold Nugget Created from a Single Crystal Worth $1.5 Million

Scientists at the U.S. National Laboratory in Los Alamos, with the help of neutron scanner determine the credibility of the largest gold nugget ever found that originated from a single crystal of this precious metal. Nugget extracted from the river in Venezuela decades ago has the size of a golf ball and weighs 217.78 grams. […]

Gresso Azimuth – First Luxury Dual SIM Mobile Phone

The first luxury dual SIM mobile phone Gresso Azimuth

It was a matter of time when it will be a luxury dual SIM mobile phone. And finally is here Gresso Azimuth. Manufacturer of luxury mobile phones, Gresso announces a new collection of exclusive dual SIM mobile phones. Unique design and high technologies resulted in Gresso Azimuth mobile phone which weighs 160 grams and is […]

Mercedes Sprinter Beleza From Lexani Motorcars

Mercedes Sprinter Beleza From Lexani Motorcars

Mercedes Sprinter is one of the best commercial vehicle currently available on the market. Millions of miles and tons and tons of cargo transported is the best testament to the quality and practicality of this van. However, tuner house Lexani Motors has found to the Sprinter another purpose. After $ 292,000 worth treatment, this robust […]

Remy Martin XO Excellence Decanter Cognac For The Cannes Festival

Remy Martin XO Excellence decanter is exclusively made for the Cannes festival

As an official sponsor of the most glamorous film festival, a French manufacturer of cognac, Rémy Martin continued his long-standing commitment to the film elegance. This prestigious manufacturer has launched a new limited edition XO Excellence decanter cognac. It is a mixture of glamor, golden glow, light and luxury design. XO Excellence among other things, […]

Gold Interior For The 2014 Mercedes S63 AMG, Is It Necessary

Blinged or bad taste? Gilding the interiors of the 2014 Mercedes S63 AMG

Golden details of the car may have been exaggerated kitsch, but about the tastes we are not going to discuss. From the Polish tuner house, Carlex Design, comes 2014 Mercedes S63 AMG, decorated with 24k gold. For now, Carlex Design hiding their cards when it comes to this makeover, as they announced just a picture […]