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Gold iPhone From Apple

As we approach 10 September which is the date of presenting new models of the iPhone, a variety of news about the latest Apple phones appear in the media. The last of them is that the new iPhone 5S will be available in three colors, standard black and gray, white, and newest gold color of […]

eKurzinfo Application For Audi A3

Modern cars are becoming more complex, with an increasing number of user-generated content. Metaio, world leader in augmented reality software and solutions and AUDI AG, global leader in luxury vehicles, today announced the release of the Audi A3 eKurzinfo augmented reality mobile application, available for free download on iOS devices. In line with the development […]

Cottin Paris Luxury iPad Mini Covers

How to protect your new tablet, ipod or iphone from dust and scrapes. Cottin Paris has an answer for it. Customizer Cottin Paris created decorative covers for the iPad mini. The brand used noble materials and precious leather covers to wrap the iPad mini in elegance. Cottin Paris new accessories are made with precise handwork […]

Karim Rashid CalypsoCase For Your iPhone

A unique three dimensional design of patterns for your iPhone 4/5 and Galaxy S4 comes from designer Karim Rashid. Karim Rashid is one of the most prolific designers of his generation. He is known for his ability to cross-pollinate ideas, materials, behaviours and aesthetics. Over 3,000 designs in production, over 300 awards and working in […]

PhoneSuit Flex Pocket Charger for iPhone5

PhoneSuit company has managed to make an external battery pack for the iPhone 5, which can fit in your pocket. It’s an incredibly handy accessory to have around. Having one of these fully charged in your pocket at all times ensures that you never need worry about your iPhone running out of charge. PhoneSuit Flex […]

MWE Emperor 200 Computer Workstation

What technological gadgets buy rich people? What is a true technological elitism? We have already heard of the iPhone with gold and diamonds, luxury villas with gold-plated taps, Humvees and Maybach, but near wealth should go luxury style. It is, of course, very expensive style and the things that prove the superiority not only financial, […]