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    Believe It Or Not: Lexus Made A Hoverboard That Works

    Every fan of the cult movie “Back to the Future” has always dreamed to have flying skateboard – a hoverboard, and a Japanese car manufacturer, Lexus, has decided to push the boundaries of technology and make this desire real. For now there is no too many information, and the world’s media is largely wonder if […] More

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    Pagani Zonda Still Alive With New ZoZo Model

    In Pagani factory, obviously, have no intention to retire its Zonda model definitely, since they preparing another unique copy of this supercar. It is the Zonda ZoZo, commissioned by Yusaku Maezawa, founder of the Japanese Zozotown, by which the car was named. The car looks like a Zonda 760 LH (Lewis Hamilton), but with two […] More

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    Futuristic Yamaha 01Gen Motorcycle

    Yamaha has long ago begun to deal with the idea of ​​motorcycles with more than three wheels. Tesseract study from 2007 was a prelude to it, and it all culminated this year when on the market came Tricity. Study of three-wheeler with which they competes with Piaggio has grown into a serial copy, but the […] More

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    Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Disney Edition

    Smart is, only for the Japanese market, prepared a special edition Disney Edition of the ForTwo Electric Drive car, dedicated to the Disney cartoon hero Mickey Mouse. The car is in red and black, with yellow mirrors and white wheels, and there are black leather with red stitching, Disney logo on the seats and floor […] More

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    BMW Z4 sDrive20i GT Spirit Special Edition

    BMW has prepared, only for the Japanese market, a new special edition of the Z4 roadster. It’s Z4 sDrive20i Spirit GT special edition which will be offered in a limited edition of only 60 pieces and is made in honor of a racing model Z4 GT3. The new Z4 sDrive20i Spirit GT special edition is […] More

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    Mitsuoka Orochi Final Edition

    Japanese company Mitsuoka has announced that, in September this year, will stop to produce the Orochi model, and on this occasion has been prepared a special farewell edition. In short, Orochi Final Edition will be made ​​in a series of five specimens, and among other things, the car boasts exclusive alloy wheels of 19 inches, […] More

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    Are You Ready for Madonna’s Skin Care Brand – MDNA Skin

    List of fashion brands by Madonna is spreading. The pop star has launched a range of products under the label MDNA Skin. She will release her products in Japan in the following week with a pop-up shop in Omotesando, Tokyo. They will be on sale there exclusively until February 23 when they will become available […] More

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    Mercedes And Ford Specially For Japanese Market

    The Japanese these days are really privileged than the rest of the world because they get two luxury car specially aimed only for their market. These are Ford Mustang V8 GT Coupe The Black special edition and Mercedes Benz special edition 2014 E 250 Coupe. Mercedes 2014 E-Class Coupe will be limited to only 100 […] More

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    Tokidoki Has Launched Karl Lagerfeld Pendant

    The famous designer, who designs for Chanel and Fendi, has made cooperation with the Japanese brand Tokidoki. Now Tokidoki has launched a unique watch in the form of a miniature Karl Lagerfeld pendant. The watch is a small polycarbonate figurine of Karl Lagerfield, cut off at the waist in characteristic Tokidoki style. It comes with […] More

  • BMW M5 Nighthawk Special Edition with 567HP Limited to 10 Units for Japan

    BMW M5 Nighthawk Special Edition

    BMW will from August present to Japanese customers a new limited edition of the Nighthawk M5 (F10) which will be available in a series of only 10 pieces. First deliveries of the BMW M5 Nighthawk Special Edition in Japan are scheduled for October this year, and so far it is not known whether the Germans […] More

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    Honma, The Most Expensive Golf Clubs

    Don’t you think that many expensive things comes from Japan. Honma, a Japanese company is offering a bag full of the finest collection of golf clubs ever for a $75,000. I do not play golf, and for me it is waste of money, but people who play the golf will say they are specifically tailored […] More

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    McLaren F1 fom 1996 and ZERO Miles on Sale

    McLaren F1 is for many one of the favorite cars, so they certainly sounds interesting that in the world there is one who has never driven. What kind of man buys once the fastest car in the world and never drive? Furthermore, what kind of a man who bought that same McLaren F1 decides to […] More