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    DB Junior – Aston Martin Convertible for Kids

    If your kid has everything, why not spoil him with Aston Martin Convertible? London-based Aston Martin heritage dealer Nicholas Mee has unveiled DB Junior – mini replica of a 1960s DB for a “younger, but no less discerning” clientele. According to its price and spec, it’s not just a toy. Priced from £16,500 ($27,000), mini […] More

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    Life-Size Mario Is Up For $2900

    If you happen to still be a die-hard fan of the little Italian plumber, and have ample space to spare in your house, this is the right thing for you. Available for ¥285,000 or about $2,900, from Amazon Japan, the statue stands five feet tall and is made from fiber-reinforced plastic. Whether you’re the admirer […] More

  • Scallywag Sloop Outdoor Wood Tree Playhouse

    Pirate Ship Tree Playhouse By Daniels Wood Land

    Your children can imagine sailing the 7 seas, or being shipwrecked on a desert island with this amazing Pirate Ship Tree House by Daniels Wood Land. Named Scallywag Sloop Outdoor Wood Tree Playhouse with dimension 26’W x 15’6″D x 23’2″H is crafted from redwood, cedar, and douglas fir. The playhouse rests on a real hollowed-out 5′ diameter tree […] More

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    Playhouses By SmartPlayhouse – Luxury Architectural Place For Kids

    Kyoto Playhouse by SmartPlayhouse SmartPlayhouse obviously knows what modern adults want in their backyards: architecture. SmartPlayhouse’s products are authentic designer pieces inspired by contemporary architecture as for indoor as for outdoor use. SmartPlayhouse currently offers four style options: Illinois, Casaforum, Hobikken and Kyoto. The Playhouses are made of birch wood and are resistant to inclement […] More

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    Ferrari FXX Racers Pedal Go-kart Make a Child’s Dream Come True

    Ferrari FXX Racer Pedal Go-kart Christmas is only a couple weeks away, and if You are a last minute shopper, then this is the perfect gift for Your boy. Luxury brand Ferrari offers a model that a child can actually drive by himself. The Italian car giants have come out with a Ferrari FXX Racers […] More

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    Kids Walker – Life-size Tall Bi-Pedal Exoskeleton

    Life-size Tall Bi-Pedal Exoskeleton If you are trying to think of a really cool idea for your kids Halloween costumes this year, then you may want to check out the Kids Walker Bi-Pedal Exoskeleton. The ultimate toy for kids, it is sure to be their best weapon against any bullies. The Bi-Pedal Exoskeleton comes in at […] More

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    D-Type Jaguar Children’s Car – Ready to be Sold at the Bonham’s Goodwood Auction

    D-Type Jaguar Children’s Car This 2/3 scale version the 1955 D-Type Jaguar Children’s Car is ready to be sold at the Bonham’s Goodwood Revival Collectors’ Sports Cars, Motor Cars and Automobilia auction on September 17, 2010, in Chichester, Sussex. The power for this British built recreation of the legendary ‘long nose’ 1955 D-Type Jaguar comes […] More

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    Cinderella Carriage Crib – Every Baby Princess Needs One of These

    Cinderella Carriage Crib If You want a good fairytale motif in a baby’s room, then Cinderella Carriage Crib is right choice for your little princess. Beautifully hand crafted by Corsican, the makers of the finest wrought iron furniture for more than 40 years, this storybook masterpiece enchants the eye with her big wheels, trailing vines, […] More

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    Wisa Gloria Creates 24ct Gold Tricycle for Opulent Kids

    24ct Gold Tricycle by Wisa Gloria Wisa Gloria is known as manufacturer of three-wheelers in the scenic land of Switzerland. The classic Wisa Gloria tricycle has remained the same for ages and still flaunts the bright red color, until now. Wisa Gloria now offers a 24-karat gold plated tricycle with Alcantara saddle and ball-bearing wheels. […] More