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The Diamond Encrusted Military Monopoly Costs Over $130,000

Leather-goods company Pemberton & Milner has teamed up with luxury jeweller Garrard to create Military Monopoly, an exquisite deluxe leather and silver version of the old family game. Priced at a whopping £100,000 (over $130,000), the Military Monopoly is a bejeweled version and has replaced places like Bond Street and Mayfair, with the likes of Royal Navy […]

Parabellum New Line Bison and Kevlar Laptop and iPad Cases

Parabellum Bison and Kevlar Laptop Case Los Angeles label Parabellum has launched a new line of Bison Hide and Kevlar Laptop and iPad Cases. Parabellum has set their sights high to offer the absolute best in high-quality and long-lasting accessories. With a focus on re-visiting the old artisan techniques that have seemingly gone the way-side […]