1923 Leica 0-series Camera Sells for $1.9 Million

1923 Leica 0-series Camera 1923 Leica 0-series Camera The most expensive Leica Cmera to ever swap hands was sold on the weekend for €1.3 million (approximately $1.9 million) after 20 minutes of insane auction bidding. The 7th camera of the rare 1923 limited edition Leica 0-series, limited to only 25 versions went under the hammer at the Westilicht Photographica Auctions. Estimated between €350,000 and €450,000, the hammer came down at a staggering €1.3 million. The previous world record was set last year when a collector paid €732,000 ($1 million) for a Daguerreotype, the world’s first commercially produced camera, which bore the rare signature of its French inventor.

1923 Leica 0-Series Camera – Holy Grail of the Leica’s to Fetch Over Half a Million Dollars

1923 Leica 0-Series Camera 1923 Leica 0-Series Camera Westlicht, well-known photographic auction, will be staged May 28 in Vienna, Austria and have unveiled a few samples of what to expect in its Leica section. By now, you should be familiar with Leica and its reputation for producing much-sought-after cameras at premium prices. But you should also note that they’re in the business for quite a while now and one of their rarest pieces just turned up for auction. Taking the chunk of the limelight will be the 1923 Leica 0-Serie Nr.107. This is the 7th camera of the Leica 0-series. Only approximately 25 of these cameras were produced to test the market in 1923, 2 years before the commercial introduction of the Leica A. It is the only camera known with “Germany” engraving on the top plate. The factory record indicates delivery to New York for patent applies. This means that this camera is not only one of the major existing rarities, it is also the first Leica being exported. The 1923 Leica 0-Serie Camera is estimated to fetch between €350,000 and €450,000 ($500,000 – $650,000).

Limited Edition Leica M9 Titanium

Limited Edition Leica M9 Titanium Limited Edition Leica M9 Titanium After the limited edition Leica M9 wrapped in ostrich leather, we have the new Limited Edition Leica M9 Titanium that was showcased at the Photokina 2010. As part of the collabroation with Leica,Walter de’Silva and his Audi Design Team re-interpreted the design of the Leica M9. The trim of the camera features leather, which is normally used in Audi’s finest automobiles. Other highlights include fingerprint resistant overlays, LED-lit frame lines and a specially designed holster. The package comes complete with the M9 camera, a 35mm Summilux F/1.4 prime lens and a lens hood in the box.