Lotus Launch New Luxury Lifestyle Brand – Lotus Originals

Lotus Originals - New Luxury Lifestyle Brand Lotus Originals – New Luxury Lifestyle Brand February 2011 will mark the launch of new luxury lifestyle brand, Lotus Originals. The company’s motor racing and sports car heritage were used as inspiration for the collection, with tire tread patterns, vintage Lotus logos, racing stripes, car silhouettes and numbers relating to the dates of famous Lotus racing victories of the 1960s and 70s appearing on certain items. The highlight of the new line up will be cashmere sweaters and hand-treated leather jackets inspired by the 1970s drivers’ suit and accessories like calfskin gloves. The clothing collection is accompanied by a range of Lotus Originals lifestyle accessories. Hand-crafted luggage is available in sumptuous tan leather or lightweight canvas and calfskin leather driving gloves in tan, black, Lotus green and bright yellow are the ultimate driver’s indulgence.

Maybach Luxury Eyewear Collection Will Surely Meet all Your Luxurious Needs

There’s slow-selling and then there’s Maybach. Moving a paltry 200 cars from its factories last year, the Maybach brand is still failing to achieve the reach and appeal of the established classic ultra-luxury brands Bentley and Rolls-Royce. The truth remains that Maybach’s sales are far below capacity, as the company’s assembly plant in Germany has the capability to churn out up to 2,000 vehicles per year, but bosses at Maybach’s parent company Daimler are determined to keep the brand alive.
Maybach Luxury Eyewear Collection Maybach Luxury Eyewear Collection Fortunately, Maybach has found a new way to earn cash. Luxury carmaker is now offering lifestyle accessories for its clients. Here comes Maybach’s line of luxury eyewear.