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    The Ultimate Glamour – Nails Inc. Jewellery Pedicure with Swarovski Elements

    If you’re a real fashionista, you won’t forget your feet – they also deserve some luxury. The new jewellery treatment for them comes from Nails Inc. Inspired by the trend for embellishment and texture, this new pedicure takes the unique Crystal Pedicure to another level. The Nails Inc Jewellery Pedicure is available in four colourways […] More

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    Kelly Osbourne Apologized for Her $250,000 Manicure

    There is no end of celebrities’ boasting. The last example is Kelly Osbourne, who appeared at the 2012 Emmy Awards complete with the most expensive accessory – $250,000 worth diamond manicure. The daughter of Ozzy, red carpet commentator, and Fashion Police co-host, Kelly probably was unaware for the reactions caused by small fortune of black […] More

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    $51,000 Diamond Nails – World’s Most Expensive Manicure

    Iced Diamond Manicure Cherish…Me Company called Cherish…ME has broken the previous record of $32.000 for the world’s most expensive manicure, and now with its 10 carat Diamond manicure of $51,000 is at convincing first place! The Diamond manicure is an unparalleled nail treatment. The service is exceptionally exclusive and can only be obtained via an […] More