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    Jacob & Co’s Astronomia Meteorite Watch

    Jacob & Co has created a truly unique, groundbreaking timepiece called the Astronomia Meteorite. Combining the highest level of Swiss timepiece craftsmanship and the horological decorative arts to create a watch that is inspired by the phenomenon of giant meteorites that soar through the sky with a brilliant light before crashing into earth, it replicates […] More

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    $4.5 Million Big Bang Pistol Set Made Of Meteorite

    Legendary firearms manufacturer Cabot Guns brings the galaxy to your fingertips with its Big Bang Pistol Set. It is actually a custom pair of the pistols crafted from a meteorite that is several billion years old. All parts of the guns were crafted from a 4.5-billion year old meteorite that landed in prehistoric times in […] More

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    Meteorite, Deer Antler and Dinosaur Leg Bone Wedding Rings

    Wedding ring made of dinosaur leg bone? No, we’re not talking about stone age, but about unique luxury wedding rings made out of some unusual materials and set in gold and titanium. Designed and created by Distinctly Johan, this unique rings can be really nice twist to the traditional wedding band. There is a broad […] More

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    Meteorite Evoking Edvard Munch’s Screan at Auction

    A 179-pound iron, 18-inch tall meteorite evocative of Edvard Munch’s famous masterpiece, The Scream — a version of which sold for $120 million earlier this year, is expected to bring more than $170,000+ itself when it comes across the auction block on October 14 at Heritage Auctions. “I’ve never seen a meteorite bring a smile to […] More


    Rare Martian Meteorite – Headliner in Chait’s May 6 Natural History Auction

    An extraordinarily rare Martian meteorite – the first meteorite from Mars to impact our planet since 1962, will be the headliner in a May 6 Natural History auction at I.M. Chait Gallery. This world-class, museum-standard specimen from the most significant meteorite fall for generations weighs approximately 298 grams and measures 76 x 69 x 50 millimeters, […] More

  • Truffle by Fuente - The World’s Most Expensive Blow-Dry

    Truffle by Fuente – The World’s Most Expensive Blow-Dry

    Just as our bodies require and enjoy a well spent and relaxing time in a spa, so does our hair beckons some exclusive treatment to keep it robust and rejuvenated. Luxury haircare brand Fuente  launch the World’s Most Expensive Blowdry. Launched at Urban Retreat in Harrods, the Truffle by Fuente uses shampoo and conditioner formulated from the […] More

  • Omega Apollo/Soyuz Speedmaster Professional

    Limited Edition Omega Space Collection Speedmaster Professional

    Malta’s leading luxury jewellery, Diamonds International launched limited edition of Omega Space Collection Apollo/Soyuz Speedmaster Professional. This Space Collection pays homage to the historic Apollo/Soyuz space mission, where the cosmonauts and astronauts linked up and shook hands, all wearing Omega’s Speedmaster. All the watches in this limited collection have their dials crafted from meteorite, which makes each […] More