600-Year Old Chinese Vase Make Retired Factory Worker Millionaire

600-Year Old Chinese Vase 600-Year Old Chinese Vase A blue and white Chinese Ming Dynasty Vase that arrived at a Duke, Dorchester-based auction house is expected to sell for more than £1 million or roughly $1.6 million. A rare Chinese vase that was taken to an auction house by a 79-year-old pensioner in a cardboard box has stunned experts when they realised it was from the early Ming period. The 11.5 inch (29cm) vase is the largest ever recorded from a rare group of early Ming moonflasks from 1403-1424, Duke and Son auction house said. The vase was made during the reign of Yongle, the third emperor of the Ming period, features simple loop handles and appears to be influenced by Islamic design. The Dorchester-based firm said it was believed to be one of the most exciting works of art to come to light in years.