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    1939 Pontiac Plexiglas Deluxe Six Ghost Car Auctioned for $308,000

    A see-through Pontiac Deluxe Six, also referred to as the Ghost Car because its chassis was constructed of plexiglass, and built by General Motors for the 1939-40 New York World’s Fair has been sold for $308,000 at RM Auctions’ St. John’s sale in Plymouth. Originally built for $25,000, the car with a Plexiglas body was the first transparent car built […] More

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    Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte Ships Vintage Wine with Classic Sailing Ship

    Chateau Smith Haute Lafite and Chateau de Cayx has decided to give their wines an authentic vintage touch by actually transporting their latest vintage wines to North America in a classic sailing ship. The 106 year-old British ketch Bessie Ellen will set sail from Bordeaux for Montreal on July 21, laden with 20,000 bottles of […] More