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    Personalized Maybach Eyewear Collection

    Personalized Maybach Eyewear Collection For its luxury new Eyewear Collection, German carmaker Maybach turned to IVKO, another Teutonic brand, to handcraft shades worthy of its high-end vehicles. Emulating the posh interiors of Maybach cars, the glasses incorporate rarefied materials, including lacquered wood, leather, natural horn, carbon fiber, titanium and 18-karat white, yellow or rose gold. […] More

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    Hey! Look at My Gucci 3-D Glasses

    Gucci 3D Glasses Gucci will be releasing this very fashionable good looking 3D Glasses in December for $225, unlike other 3D shades, that are bulky and ugly, these are more stylish and makes you look less nerdy. As far as the flaunt-worthy aspects go, they adopt an eighties retro inspired design that’s part of the […] More

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    Queen Elizabeth II Wears Swarovski Crystal Encrusted 3D Glasses

    Regular folks, like us, wear plain-old, recycled 3-D glasses when we’re at the movies. But when you’re the Queen of England, not just any 3-D spectacles will do. That’s why, the Queen Elizabeth II wore customized 3D glasses (adorned with Swarovski crystals forming the letter Q) during a recent visit to Pinewood Toronto Studios in […] More