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Michael Kors Make Up Line At Macy’s

Michael Коrs’ first make-up line is sporty, sexy, and glamorous collection. The latest collection of makeup has 3 subcollections, targeted to the different circumstances. In the sexy collection are colors of red and pink shades, sport collection has represented natural and neutral tones, while glamorous collection has rich purple and plum colors. The new collection […]

Kraken Spiced Rum – The First 3D Liquor Bottle

Kraken Spiced Rum I know many people see double when they are drunk but with the new Kraken Rum people will see in 3D. Kraken a relatively new liquor-brand is grabbing eyeballs with their 3D Rum Bottles that ship with stylish 3D shades. These special bottles will carry limited-edition labels with blurry, red-and-blue cephalopods rising […]

Limited Edition Bvlgari Parentesi Diamond and Gold Sunglasses

Limited Edition Bvlgari Parentesi Diamond and Gold Sunglasses The Bvlgari name is synonymous with quality and elegance, and these Parentesi diamond sunglasses are the epitome of luxury. Bvlgari’s 8057b-501/8G sunglasses, which were previously worn by rapper Gucci Mane, have been upgraded to diamond and gold status for a limited edition pair. The Swarovski crystals that […]

Personalized Maybach Eyewear Collection

Personalized Maybach Eyewear Collection For its luxury new Eyewear Collection, German carmaker Maybach turned to IVKO, another Teutonic brand, to handcraft shades worthy of its high-end vehicles. Emulating the posh interiors of Maybach cars, the glasses incorporate rarefied materials, including lacquered wood, leather, natural horn, carbon fiber, titanium and 18-karat white, yellow or rose gold. […]

Hey! Look at My Gucci 3-D Glasses

Gucci 3D Glasses Gucci will be releasing this very fashionable good looking 3D Glasses in December for $225, unlike other 3D shades, that are bulky and ugly, these are more stylish and makes you look less nerdy. As far as the flaunt-worthy aspects go, they adopt an eighties retro inspired design that’s part of the […]

Victoria Beckham 18-karat Rose Gold-coated Sunglasses add a Fabulous Style to Your Look

Victoria Beckham 18-karat Rose Gold-coated Sunglasses One of the most photographed women in the world Victoria Beckham has certainly worn her fair share of sunglasses and knows the importance of looking good behind the shades. She has her own clothing line along with bags, shoes, and other accessories, and even has a hand in car […]

Queen Elizabeth II Wears Swarovski Crystal Encrusted 3D Glasses

Regular folks, like us, wear plain-old, recycled 3-D glasses when we’re at the movies. But when you’re the Queen of England, not just any 3-D spectacles will do. That’s why, the Queen Elizabeth II wore customized 3D glasses (adorned with Swarovski crystals forming the letter Q) during a recent visit to Pinewood Toronto Studios in […]