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    Maco Bathrooms, The New Way Of Enjoying

    Maco is a new collection of bathrooms, where the color is a key element of the collection. Maco collection is available in chrome or brass version in five colors, red, green, black, white and gray. The design of this whole collection is marked by minimalism. Taps for washbasins are available in three versions, normal, medium […] More

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    Futuristic Bathsphere Shower

    Bathsphere, shower in the shape of a ball, it looks like it came straight out of science fiction movies.  Bathsphere concept shower is designed by Russian designer Alexander Zhukovsky. Based on the concept of “space-to-space”, Bathsphere will build a special place with a unique atmosphere. You can simulate rain, temperature change inside the ball, humidity, […] More

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    Extravagant Shower By Zuchetti.Kos

    Wazebo is perfect for enjoying your morning shower, or for day or evening shower. It was designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba for Zucchetti.Kos. This independent unit will certainly provide a special character to the open space. Place it in your own mini pavilion and this fantastic shower will banish all your concerns and take […] More

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    Take A Shower In Style With Sensory Sky From Dornbracht

    Take a shower with style. Sensory Sky, Dornbracht makes showering a unique experience that touches all the senses. Created by Sieger Design for Dornbracht, Sensory Sky has a wide and flat shower head with separate sprinklers for head and body and a “rain curtain” that creates a solid wall of water. There’s also a nozzle […] More

  • PalmShower by Dometti

    Control PalmShower with Your iPhone

    Summer is almost over, but you have plenty of pool days left to enjoy this iPhone-controlled shower alongside your other outdoor toys. Inspired by tropical palm trees, PalmShower by Dometti offers a range of features that combines well-being and high-tech: shower, misting system, chromaterapic lights, integrated sound system, all can be managed with an iPhone […] More

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    Sit and Relax – Walk-In Compact Bath Tubs by Treesse

    Walk-In Compact Bath Tubs by Treesse Italian bathroom furniture designer Gruppo Treesse has introduced compact walk-in sit-down tubs featuring spa-inspired design. They add a touch of contemporary style and spa-inspired luxury to even the smallest of bathrooms. Perfect for the minimalist bathrooms, the classic white contemporary tub with well rounded corners features a transparent sliding […] More

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    Kaesch Micro Steam Shower with Built-in Spa-like Skin Cleansing Treatments

    Kaesch Micro Steam shower Kaesch-USA, distributor of Germany-based Kaesch company, famous for its lavishness showers and bathtubs, now introduces latest innovative Micro Steam Shower Cabin that features fitted spa-like skin sanitization cure in its system. The shower cabin purifies your skin with atomized oils that open up the pores of the skin, and the skin […] More

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    Hugh Thomas’ Orbis Shower Modul Enriches You with the Ultimate Relaxation

    Hugh Thomas’ Orbis Shower After the Glowing Bath by Melissa Sopel, we have yet another interesting entry from the Reece Bathroom Innovation Award 2010. It’s the Orbis Shower Module by Hugh Thomas, one of the professional finalists from the innovative product design competition. In a room no bigger than a closet, Orbis Shower Module drenches you […] More

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    Body Shaped Aquanatass Shower Changing the Daily Ritual of Bathing

    You’ll never have to shower alone again. The Aquanatass is a new sculptural shower shaped like the human form created for Bagno Sasso by sculptor and artist Hubert Rieber. Standing almost six and a half feet tall, Rieber’s shower is shaped like a person, that shoots water from its mouth and head, and gives you […] More