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Blackphone Smartphone Is The Most Secure In The World

Blackphone – A smartphone that is more secure than a Swiss bank vault

Are you concerned about wiretapping in the country and globally (NSA), or you’re just concerned about your privacy? Experts from the company GeeksPhone and Silent Circle, knows how everyone are sensed about their privacy and their answer on this is a new smartphone that promises to secure our communications. Blackphone is based on the Android […]

New Porsche Design P’9982 by BlackBerry

Porsche Design P'9982 Smartphone from BlackBerry

New Porsche Design P’9982 by BlackBerry is a smartphone for the wealthy business person who wants to flaunt at board meetings. This is the latest member of the Porsche Design luxury brand’s range of modern luxury smartphones. Uniquely designed and expertly crafted, the P’9982 features a satin finished frame forged from the finest quality stainless […]

Gresso Radical – Luxury Android Smartphone Coated in Titanium

Gresso Radical - Luxury Android Smartphone Coated in Titanium

Gresso, best known for the world’s first polished titanium mobile phones went a step further. The specialist for luxury high-end mobile phone announces the launch of its first Android based smartphone coated in titanium. Gresso Radical is made of grade 5 titanium that is milled by high-tech machines for nine hours. Final machining – directional […]

Samsung Galaxy S III Adorned with Swarovski Crystals

Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini Swarovski crystal edition

Last year’s Samsung Galaxy S III mini smartphone got new fancy look with Swarovski crystals. Currently exclusive to Germany, this Crystal Edition is completely identical to the standard handset, but is adorned with 166 sparkling Swarovski crystals at the back panel. This revamped version of the mini will cost you €299 ($400), but for that […]

BlackBerry’s Porsche Design P’9982 – Elite Smartphone for Wealthy Elite

BlackBerry’s Porsche Design P’9982 - Elite Smartphone for Wealthy Elite

BlackBerry’s second collaboration with Porsche Design, came as the P‘9982. BlackBerry says the luxury device is “uniquely designed and expertly crafted,” while Porsche Design calls it an “elite” smartphone. But, it’s actually BlackBerry Z10, but hand-wrapped in a Crocodile Italian leather and stainless steel suit. This modern luxury smartphone has a 4.2-inch touchscreen with a […]

Design Your Own Smartphone – Motorola’s Project Ara

Project Ara by Motorola lets consumers customize their smartphone

You want to design your own smartphone? Motorola will allow you to do that. The Google-owned manufacturer has launched Project Ara to create a free, open and standardised platform to let people pick and choose the components they want in their phones. You will be able to mix and match components from different suppliers and […]

Water Resistant Tag Heuer Racer Sub Nano Smartphone

Luxury Water Resistant Smartphone By TAG Heuer

Tag Heuer is a Swiss company known for its luxury watches. But they like to make, in their spare time, expensive phones that will further improve the balance in their accounts. There is a huge selection of luxury phones in the market. If you want your phone to be both beautiful and functional, then you […]