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  • The Jewelry song The Little Mermaid
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    $240,000 The Little Mermaid Statue

    Late last year, the BonCadeau Jewelry House has introduced a unique designer Faberge styled figurine collection consisting of 10 pieces (worth $4.4 million), made from the shiniest metal and the most precious gemstones. Now, once again, they found the way to preserve the Faberge traditions from oblivion, when created “The Little Mermaid” figurine. But no doubt, […] More

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    Bonaparte Entering Cairo by Jean-Leon Gerome For $198,000 At Rau Antiques

    Bonaparte Entering Cairo by Jean-Léon Gerome Napoleon Entering Cairo is an exquisitely rendered bronze and ivory sculpture by Jean-Leon Gerome from 1897. 16.5 inches high statue was made as a smaller version of a larger bronze statue. Gerome portrayed his subject in the gilt bronze and ivory medium known as chryselephantine. The sculpture is now […] More