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    SMS Audio Headphones By 50 Cent

    Beyonce fashion line, House of Deron. Underwear by David Beckham. Every so famous and well known thrown on the market something that bears their signature. And while most of them are mainly engaged in signing something that is far away from their core business 50 Cent has decided to come out with a line of […] More

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    Garia Mansory Currus Golf Car

    The Garia is the world’s first and only manufacturer of luxury golf and leisure cars. Their new Garia Mansory Currus is a limited to only 7 cars. The car is street legal in Europe. With two new Garia options which will soon be available on standard Garia models, Lithium batteries and Performace Pack, gives autonomy […] More

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    Limited Edition 2014 SRT Viper TA (Time Attack)

    Chrysler has presented racetrack version of the Viper, the 2014 SRT Viper Time Attack. SRT Viper TA has been optimized for those customers who want to move their sports cars on the track. Updates to the Viper package for Time Attack include bigger brakes from Brembo, a Carbon Fiber Aero Package that includes a massive […] More