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    Harley-Davidson Has Introduced New Roadster Bike

    Harley-Davidson has introduced a new member of its Sportster family, simply named, Roadster. The design of this bike is inspired by classic racing models from the fifties and sixties, but if I could describe it in one word, that word would be, style. “Ever since it was launch, back in 1957, Sportster has shown that […] More

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    New 2017 Victory Octane Motorcycle

    Company Victory Motorcycles has presented its new model with a water-cooled engine, named Octane. It is a modern motorcycle, aggressive and, so to speak, it looks cool, and with it, recalls to the Indian Scout. Depending on your point of view, it can be good or bad. Octane comes with an aluminum frame, the traditional […] More

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Driving Hummer Terminator

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is driving trough the town in Hummer on which side is written “Terminator”. Perhaps is this American actor entered in the late years of life, but he does not give up its tough guy style. Recently, we have just find out from Arnold that in his collection of cars, despite the large number […] More

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    New 2013 Harley-Davidson Breakout

    Aggressive styling and rude attitude of the premium Softail chopper Harley-Davidson Breakout 2013 is a city man. With its authentic look that attracts traffic and proud stance that is sure to appeal to the masses, Breakout is a premium model with distinctive finishes and specific components of which are not available on other Harley-Davidson motorcycles. […] More

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    Mondo Marine’s Streamline Yacht On Sale

    The 161 feet long, polished silver look of Mondo Marine’s Streamline yacht with steel hull and aluminum finished will leave you breathless both on the open sea and moored in the harbor. Built in 2009, the Streamline is a custom constructed yacht conceptualized by Cor D. Rover, and features an abundance of room for up […] More