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    The first meal menu from “Titanic” sold for $180,000

    The first meal menu, served on Titanic has been sold for $183,500, and belonged to Second Officer Charles Lightoller, the highest ranking surviving officer from the famous ship. Lunch, which included, among other things, a thick chicken soup, young lamb with mint sauce, as well as salmon, roast chicken and pudding, was served to the […] More

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    Alexander’s Letter From The Titanic Sells For €89,000

    A letter found at a man who died in the Titanic sink is expected to reach a price of €89,000 at Saturday’s auction. The letter is written by a wealthy first class passenger, Alexander Oskar Holverson, in which he described to his mother the luxurious surroundings of the infamous ship. He wrote on April 13, […] More

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    Would you Pay $145,000 To See Titanic’s Wreckage?

    It is perhaps the most iconic ship of all time, but the closest most people will get to the Titanic is a visit to the museum in Belfast, or a viewing of the Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet blockbuster. Until now. A British tour company is giving people a chance to join an exclusive group […] More

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    Exceedingly Rare Memorabilia About Titanic At Auction

    Lion Heart Autographs, for nearly forty years an internationally recognized dealer of autographs and manuscripts focusing on art, history, literature, music and science has announced the opportunity to own several pieces of exceedingly rare memorabilia about the Titanic. The highlight of the auction is an extremely rare custom card issued to a survivor of the […] More

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    Titanic’s Final SOS Message At Auction

    Heritage auction house announced that will put on sale exceptional telegram – SOS message that is sent from Titanik to the White Star Line Steamship Company, just before its sank. “We have struck iceberg. Sinking fast. Come to our assistance. Position: Lat 41.46 N. Lon 50.14 W,” reads the message on the yellowed paper. “This […] More

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    Cracker From the Titanic Could Fetch £10,000 At Auction

    A cracker (biscuit) that survived tragedy of Titanic is going up for auction later this month and expected to fetch up to £10,000 ($15,000). The Spillers and Bakers “Pilot” biscuit was recovered from a survival kit board one of the Titanic’s lifeboats. James Fenwick, a voyager onboard the SS Carpathia – which went to the […] More

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    Titanic Artifacts From Infamous Lifeboat No.1 At Auction

    Now, you have a chance an opportunity to acquire artifacts from survivors aboard the Titanic’s infamous Lifeboat No. 1. Lion Heart Autographs, an internationally recognized dealer of autographs and manuscripts will sell three three very rare and never-before-offered artifacts recovered from survivors of the RMS Titanic’s infamous Lifeboat No. 1 and other extraordinary historical documents […] More

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    RJ-Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter Watch

    Beside Spacecraft watch, Moon Invaders, Liberty DNA, Titanic-inspired and more, the Swiss luxury watchmaker, RJ-Romain Jerome has introduced its new watch, the Moon Orbiter. It has a distinctive look unlike traditional watches, and comes with a flying tourbillon manufacture movement. Available in Europe, Middle East, and Asia, this exquisite watch with a price of $115,000 […] More

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    Replica of Titanic Could Sail in 2016?

    If believe Australian billionaire plans, the new version of Titanic could sail in 2016. Clive Palmer, an originator of Titanic II, announced his plans to build an updated version of famous Titanic, which is expected to set sail and start the voyage in 2016, since its construction is scheduled to start soon in China. Palmer, […] More

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