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    Castle Schönbrunn In Vienna Opens Its Doors

    Young Marie Antoinette, Mozart, Napoleon and Empress Sisi, they all stayed in the castle Schönbrunn in Vienna. Soon on tourists will be able to enroll on that list, of course with deeper pockets, because the castle will open its doors to ordinary people. Beginning April 30, the former summer palace of the Habsburgs, the biggest […] More

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    Mini Paceman by Roberto Cavalli for Life Ball 2013

    Unique Mini Paceman, for whose appearance is credited fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, has been sold for $195,000 at auction during this years 21 edition of “Life Ball” event in Vienna, the largest HIV/AIDS charity event in Europe. Mini Paceman by Roberto Cavalli, among others, boasts Cavalli logo on the roof, Cavalli’s signature on the door, […] More

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    1958 Leica MP2 – The Most Expensive Vintage Camera

    1958 Leica MP2 – The Most Expensive Vintage Camera A Leica MP2, built in 1958, has been sold for €402,000 ($536,000) at the latest Westlicht Photographica auction. The auction took place on December, 4th at the Westlicht gallery in Vienna, home to an 800 strong collection of vintage cameras. With a starting bid of €80,000 […] More