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Buche de Belvedere Vodka – Limited Edition

Buche de Belvedere Vodka for Christmas 2011

This winter, Belvedere Vodka pays homage to the famous silver birch trees emblematic of the brand by launching the special edition of their Belvedere Pure, packaged in a metallic Buche de Noel for Christmas 2011. This Buche de Belvedere Vodka has an engraved silver chromed metal sleeve embossed with a holly leaf which slides over […]

Absolut Gustafson – Limited Edition Vodka Exclusively for Travelers

Limited Edition Absolut Gustafson Vodka

Absolut Gustafson, new flavored Vodka was created in cooperation famous vodka brand and  Mats Gustafson, famous fashion artist and illustrator. This new flavor vodka is made exclusively for global travelers, global duty free and travel retail markets – which makes it even more special. It will be available for between three and six months. The Absolut […]

Absolut Launches Limited Edition Crystal Pinstripe Bottle

Absolut Vodka Crystal Pinstripe Bottle

Absolut has launched its most luxury version of vodka – Crystal Pinstripe Bottle, that was introduced exclusively in Stockholm Arlanda Airport on 6 September by Pernod Ricard Travel Retail. Inspired by the Savile Row pinstripe suit, the bottle has been designed by Swedish designer duo Skogsberg & Smart, and hand-blown, hand-cut and hand-engraved in crystal by craftsmen […]

Vallure Vodka in Pure Gold Bottle

Vallure Gold Standard Vodka

You probably know everything about incredibly expensive and luxurious beverages like the world’s largest champagne or those incredibly sophisticated wines that everyone is talking about. Vodka is usually not in the same category. If the spirit inside packaging wasn’t enough to get high, there have been some blinged versions that would surely do the job, with the […]

The Supernatural Super-premium – Frozen Ghost Vodka

Frozen Ghost Vodka - The Supernatural Super-Premium

Supernatural Super-premium – Frozen Ghost Vodka is a one of the premier distilling companies in the world, Frozen Ghost Distilling Company’s new drink, based on a ghost story of Tobias. That story named The Legend of the Frozen Ghost  talk about a happy farmer family that lived peacefully until the jealous neighbors are not clouded their […]

Limited Edition Imperia Vodka With Swarovski Crystal Crown

Russian Standar Imperia Vodka - Swarovski Crystal Crown Edition

Russian Standard Vodka has announced the launched of a special edition of luxury brand Imperia – Swarovski Crystal Crown Edition. Dazzling bottle of this precious drink is decorated with 24 Swarovski crystal beads intended to symbolise the purity of the spirit.  Quartz crystal is a mineral mined in Russia’s Ural mountains. The product was launched in […]

$3.7 Million Billionaire Vodka By Leon Verres

Billionaire Vodka by Leon Verres

From now, home bars of the rich can not imagined without world’s most expensive vodka which costs whopping $3.7 million! You’ve already heard of  Billionaire Champagne, which is worldwide completely sold out at a price of $2.75 million per bottle. Now, same luxury designer Leon Verres launches the most expensive vodka in the world, called the Billionaire […]