Electric Mission RS Motorcycle

For a long time we have not heard about the Mission R motorcycle, electric superbike signed by Mission Motors. This motorcycle is the most beautiful electric motorcycle that we do now have a chance to see, and that beauty would soon be able to admire more and more often.
Mission RS Motorcycle It looks like Mission Motors finally decided to go into production, which would have indicated the announcement that the brand released on his new website that has just launched. Motorcycle racing version has a battery pack 14 kWh of power, which supplies energy to 160 bhp electric motor able to push the bike up to 60mph in 3 seconds. With a top speed of 150 mph, the Mission R race is definitely not a toy. The Mission R motorcycle has Bluetooth and GPS capabilities, as well as an integrated image-stabilized HD camera. The rider’s helmet is wirelessly connected to the advanced computer control systemfor a head’s up display, collecting useful information such as navigation, speed, battery status, distance travelled and more. Mission Motorcycles will only produce 40 units, with price tag of $56,499. Mission RS Motorcycle Mission RS Motorcycle Mission RS Motorcycle Mission RS Motorcycle Mission RS Motorcycle