Adidas TRON Legacy Collection – Detailed Look

Adidas TRON Legacy Collection
Adidas TRON Legacy Collection There is no doubt that these TRON:Legacy inspired sneakers by Adidas are a geek’s dream come true. However, there is a little something extra special about these particular shoes. While many can see that the three-stripes and TRON designs do light up and have a futuristic, glowing presence, not many people know what makes the shoes glow in the cool, eerie blue-manner just like the alternate universe in the movie. The blue TRON glowing lights aren’t just part of some random reflective glow-in-the-dark materials. Nope, those are actually three dimensional, elastomeric, membranous, flexible electroluminescent lamps! In other words, those are lamps built into the shoes. Oryon Technologies has patented this brand new technology, and you can read all about the juicy geeky details on their official website. Except these lamps, crafted from polyurethane and a newly formulated ink, are three-dimensional and flexible. Oryon Tech has successfully eliminated the rigid nature of conventional EL, creating a 180 degrees flexible electroluminescent lamp. This is achieved through a process known as PTF, and is trademarked under ELastolite. Check out the detailed pictures, and enjoy the amount of thought, creativity, research and development that went into them. To go along with the kicks the brand’s produced what looks to be an adidas hoodie with the same illuminated technology. So if you want to look like something out of Flynn’s arcade (or just looking for some comfy sneaks for your next TRON cosplay party), watch for these sneakers to drop around the same time the movie hits. Adidas TRON Legacy Collection Adidas TRON Legacy Collection Adidas TRON Legacy Collection Adidas TRON Legacy Collection Adidas TRON Legacy Collection Adidas TRON Legacy Collection

2 thoughts on “Adidas TRON Legacy Collection – Detailed Look”

  1. Jamison says:

    Holy cow! These shoes are awesome! I didnt know that Adidas was going to make shows that glow like in the movie Tron. I’m going to buy these as they hit the market.

  2. Tron Legacy says:

    This stuff looks awesome! When can I buy it?

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