Verity Audio’s Monsalvat Loudspeaker – Big Speakers for Big Money

Verity Audio's Monsalvat Loudspeaker
Verity Audio’s Monsalvat Loudspeaker For the home theater addicts who want the best sound there is in the market, Verity Audio has something for you. They do not come cheap though. These are the Monsalvat Loudspeaker which are reportedly worth $325,000. The Monsalvat complex system comprises two main buildings. There are two separate bass cases, a unique crossover and six separate channels of amplification. The shells are made of two different modules, a high-frequency module and a bass module. These two sections together make for a column height as seen with the company’s Lohengrin II speakers. In this case, the depth of columns is more than the size of Lohengrin II. These columns stand on a solid aluminum base. Each tower has four modules that are equipped with with 15-inch speakers. Monsalvat boasts a sensitivity of 99 dB 1w/1m. Scheduled for a 2011 launch, the Verity Audio’s Monsalvat speakers are sure to captivate any discerning audiophile.

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