Fiat 500 Coupe by Zagato – Designed for Young and Dynamic Population

Fiat 500 Coupe Zagato
Fiat 500 Coupe by Zagato At the Geneva Auto Show, Italian coachbuilder and styling house Zagato has unveiled its novel take on a coupe version of the Fiat 500. Unfortunately just a concept, the Fiat 500 Coupe Zagato is actually a throwback to a similar coachbuilding joint-effort from the 1950s. The sleeker bodywork features Zagato’s trademark double-bubble roof and almond-shaped side glass. Based on the Fiat 500, the Coupe is no bigger than the standard model, but is the first Fiat to get the high-power version of the firm’s innovative turbocharged TwinAir two-cylinder petrol engine. In the 500 Coupe, the unit produces an impressive 103bhp and 155Nm, while still emitting just 95g/km of carbon dioxide. Other sporty accents on the 500 Coupe Zagato include burnished chrome exterior trim and17-inch Chrome Shadow wheels. Inside, the car features sporty diamond seats and high-tech fabric teamed with yellow chamois leather and the black natural leather of the surrounds which give it a young. Just like the basic model, the Fiat 500 Coupe Zagato also features my-port, the practical multimedia port installed on the dashboard allowing the driver to link up to the world via a latest generation smartphone enabled to access the Internet and satellite navigation. It may be a concept, but it’s actually a pretty good idea. Anyone who’s ever sat in the back of a 500 knows that the headroom is already a problem for anyone over 5’7″, so why not ditch the rear seats and make it a coupe? You’ll even get a few more cubic feet of cargo space out of it, since you won’t have partially-folded rear seats in the way. No production plans have been announced. But Fiat has been actively considering a more sporting version of the 500, and the Zagato’s debut, and the fact that it is sitting on the Fiat stand, suggest that the Italian manufacturer will be monitoring reaction to the concept closely.

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