Show off Just How Wealthy You Truly are with a Carbon Fiber Business Cards

Carbon Fiber Business Cards
Carbon Fiber Business Cards from Carbon Fiber Designs Just when I thought I’ve seen almost every use for carbon fiber: the carbon fiber body kit, carbon fiber bluetooth headset, carbon fiber toilet, carbon fiber valet; a company called Carbon Fiber Designs has come out with the Carbon Fiber Business Card. Crafted out of thin, lightweight and real carbon fiber, the embossed effect on the card make them stand out of the crowd. The artwork on the card is masked under a layer of epoxy coating, which makes them scratch and aging resistant, making your communication long lasting. The manufacturing process includes thousands of individual carbon fibers woven into the yarn to make the layers of cloth in these cards along with extensive labor. These high-end business cards would be perfect for those who want to make a statement without looking like an obnoxious moron trying to show off. Carbon Fiber is classy, and the Business Cards are no exception. Unfortunately, these cards do no have the option of being prepared for your company, as you have to purchase them, get them shipped to you, and then you have to find a local graphics or print company to print your company details on it. To make matters even worse is the fact that Carbon Fiber Business Cards are currently out of stock and there is a waiting period. If you’re looking to step up your business card game you better be willing to fork over some serious cash. Each carbon fiber business card sells for $29.99 apiece or for $1,600 for a pack of 100. [Carbon Fiber Designs]

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