Rogue DZN’s Armadillo 161 Bracelet Made of Titanium

American jewelry makers Rouge DZN has created its latest masterpiece – Armadillo 161 Bracelet, made of titanium aerospace class G5, which is used in the construction of the famous multi-role fighters F22 Raptor. It is designed out of 161 parts which is signified in its name. Rogue DZN’s Armadillo 161 Bracelet
The process of creation requires well over 400 machine-hours to complete. Each link is comprised of eight separate custom machined pieces, which is individually serial numbered and paint-filled to add on to its exclusivity. The off-set angled clasp has a captured thumbscrew that allows for extremely easy opening and closing. The secondary thumbscrews integrated into the latch, are actually integrated mini-wrenches to adjust the bracelet. One is the Rogue custom tri-blade wrench and the other is a T5-Torx wrench. High-tech men’s bracelet Armadillo 161 is the result of the world’s most precise 5-axis technology and a 9-axis machining. This will undoubtedly be the most badass object Rogue DZN has ever produced to date. The price of the Rogue DZN’s Armadillo 161 bracelet is still unknown, but comparing it with a thinner bracelet Breacher Rogue (he built 52 units), it will probably be higher than $16,300. [Rogue DNZ]

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