Unique Artwork From Your Own DNA – DNA Art Installation by DNA Art US

More personal could not be! Today, when science has advanced so much, something like this might be expected. Artwork in your home, made of your own DNA! All began by chance, when a Texas based entrepreneur and art aficionado contacted DNA Art US about providing DNA art for all his family and over time these ideas developed into a unique series of artworks.
President of DNA Art US LLC, Ric Harrison, says, “We enjoyed the challenge of producing totally unique custom DNA artworks for our customer. Since beginning that project we have had other requests for custom pieces and we see this as a growing market for people who want to express their personalities in different, eye-catching ways.” The procedure to get your own DNA Artwork is pretty easy, you can do that in three steps. First, interested buyers have to order DNA Collection Kit and when received it through the mail, they have to use a sterile packaged cotton swab to take their DNA from the inside of the cheek and eturn it to DNA Art US. Of course, inside the kit, there are detailed instructions which must be followed. After that, the customers will preview and approve DNA Artwork Proof and finally as a third step, they will receive DNA Portrait. When customers send the swab back to DNA Art US, it goes to lab for further processing, after which their designers convert the raw lab image into something that you’ll be able to display with pride. But, actually that I am a buyer, I would not be interested for detail of this process, I would just want my own DNA as a unique piece of art. There are 25 standard designs to choose from and two display options, Original and Zoom. That’s 50 different ways to display your unique DNA. In addition to that, every customer has the opportunity to add their own signature, to the finished image – after all, every great artist signs their work! This innovative company provides the artwork on acrylic, canvas and metal. All types have discreet wall mounting hardware. This makes the acrylic and metal products look like they are floating and the canvas product has a deep gallery wrap. For more information, and to order, visit the DNA Art US website, http://www.dna-art-us.com.

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