Steinway Lyngdorf Model LS Concert Speaker System for $228,000

Danish premium brand Steinway Lyngdorf has launched the new Model LS Concert speaker system that costs almost a quarter of a million dollars. Unveiled at the CEDIA Expo 2012, the Model LS Concert speaker alone starts at $86,000, while the full stereo set-up beginning at $228,000! The new LS Concert loudspeaker is designed to be paired with the company’s SP-1 Stereo Processor or P-1 Surround Sound Processor and Steinway Lyngdorf’s fully digital amplifiers. But starting at $228,000, you’ll get the Model LS Concert full stereo set-up, including an SP-1 Processor, Model A1 Amplifiers and Model LS Boundary Woofers. Created as an open-baffle dipole line source, this new speaker system combines technologies from two of Steinway Lyngdorf’s most popular speakers: the dipole technology from the flagship Model D and the line source technology from the Model LS.  The Model LS Concert also features fifteen 5¼ mid-range drivers consisting of extremely lightweight and stiff aluminum and eight AMT (Air Motion Technology) tweeters. The Model LS Concert speaker interacts with the room much as a musical instrument would, and its line source construction allows sound to propagate over long distances. But, practically you can’t notice any change in volume level and audio quality from the front to the rear of the room. “The Model LS Concert started out as a sketch in my notebook and was something I dreamt about creating for several years. The idea of combining a dipole speaker with the line source principle would allow me to create not only a truly unique and immensely powerful speaker, but something that aesthetically fills the room with its physical presence” Peter Lyngdorf, Founder. According to manufacturer, every Steinway Lyngdorf system benefits from the combination of proprietary RoomPerfect technology and fully digital amplification allowing pure sound to be realized perfectly in acoustically imperfect real-world environments.
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