$77.880 Geoffrey Parker’s Most Expensive Chess Set

Perhaps you’ve read earlier on our site about Geoffrey Parker’s – $7.5 million world’s most expensive poker set and the same company’s most expensive Backgammon game set in the world, priced at $387,890. Now, this traditional British manufacturer of superb games, has introduced Geoffrey Parker’s Chess Set which retails for a whopping $77,880! This Silver Jubilee Edition Chessboard is actually the re-introduction of the 1960s classic Geoffrey Parker board which was originally created to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee.
As chess is known as a game of kings, Geoffrey Parker has created this refined chess set worthy of royalty, that is comprised of sterling silver, sterling silver-gilt and even solid gold. Also, if you have some specific requests, the personalization option is of course made available by Geoffrey Parker.

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