New Ferrari Scooter Helmet

You would like to buy a Ferrari but you lack of money? Maybe, you can afford yourself for lot less money than you thought, a Ferrari – but the helmet. Helmet is homologated for use on the bikes, scooters, and anything that has two wheels. Ferrari Scooter Helmet
  The Ferrari Scooter Helmet is made by ​​the latest technology for the best protection and is Made In Italy. It has Ferrari logo and name on the front and back. The Ferrari scooter helmet has a black varnished ABS outer cover and a middle section in carbon fiber. The internal shock resistant shell is made from expanded polystyrene. The padding is made from anallergic breathable fabric. The chin strap has a quick-release fastener and internal details and peak are lined in leather. The Ferrari scooter helmet is priced at €496 ($650). Ferrari Scooter Helmet Ferrari Scooter Helmet Ferrari Scooter Helmet Ferrari Scooter Helmet

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