$50,000 Royal Pacifier Collection

Kalfin Jewllery has designed Royal Pacifier Collection, priced at $50,000. Although, this pacifier is encrusted with black diamonds but still not the world’s most expensive. Australian Jeweler promotes its product: “Your own Royal Baby deserves nothing but the best & at Kalfin Jewllery we have created this unique capsule collection of pacifiers. A $50,000 Black diamond pacifier is fit to pacify a crying Kardashian ” The pacifier are available in 14 carat white and yellow gold as well as in sterling silver, with the option of several colours. The sterling silver line retails for $180 per pacifier, while the white and yellow gold run $450 per piece. Turns out that $17,000 Diamond Pacifier is “affordable”. It’s ridiculous to argue about their purpose.

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