Something New – Chocolates With Edible Holograms!

Why should holograms can be etched just into credit cards and that kind of things? Why not imprinting them on candies? Well, Lausanne-based Morphotonix has found a way to do exactly that – to imprint holograms on to chocolate and most important without using additives. No stickers, no additives, no paint. The method works the same way, the familiar security hologram on a credit card works, meaning carving a microscopic pattern into a master mold made from metal. Beautiful Chocolates Etched With Edible Holograms That mold in turn is used to create a plastic mold in which the chocolate is poured. Both milk and dark chocolate can be used, but because of the way different chocolate chemistries behave, some chocolates are not suitable for holograming. “We have been testing it with many types of chocolate. Sometimes it works great and sometimes no matter how hard we try it doesn’t mold,” said Morphotonix CEO Veronica Savu. Beautiful Chocolates Etched With Edible Holograms Savu says they are also looking at applying the same technique to moulds for other products, so that the finished items carry a mark proving their authenticity. “Instead of having a holographic sticker you can have the hologram directly embedded into any rigid plastic object,” she says. Currently, Morphotonix busy working with a German chocolate mold maker to bring the product to the masses asap. The chocolates will be presented at the Interpack packaging trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany this week. Beautiful Chocolates Etched With Edible Holograms

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