The Pact With The Devil: Volkswagen “Passat” With 900Hp

When is mentioned Volkswagen “Passat” usually refers to a family car with front-wheel drive, and possibly attract “adventurous” spirit families, however, we are now in a position to meet for sure the most extreme “Passat” ever, which will be driven by legendary Tanner Faust in the new season of Formula Drift competition. Tanner Faust is apparently signed a pact with the devil when he opted for this beast of a car whom the drive is transferred to the rear wheels, and power comes from a 7.4-liter V8 engine with 900Hp. The Pact With The Devil: Volkswagen "Passat" With 900Hp
The man in charge to keep this beast under control during the presentation of the car said: “One of the things I always liked about drifting in the US is how inventive you can be in building cars. You can put a V8 engine in the” Passat “and make something unique” said Faust. “That does not happen in other competitions around the world.”

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