Sushi Sneakers For Lovers Of Fashion And Food

This Nike shoes look so good that you get the desire to eat them. And that won’t be a problem, since this trainers are completely edible. Milan-based artist and chef Yujia Hu is the brains behind these incredible miniature rice-filled versions some of the world’s favorite sneakers. Yujia, who is the owner and chef at Sakana Sushi Milano, a Japanese restaurant located in the Italian city of Milan, doesn’t just design trainers – she’s all about the sushi sandals, too.

Sushi Sneakers

So, recreating the most iconic sneaker and sandal models by the biggest sport brands (such as Nike and Adidas), Yujia makes incredible renditions of these using sushi ingredients: rice, nori, fish and vegetables that are great for adding some color. Yukia shares her work with her 2,500 Instagram followers, who are all in awe of the artist’s skills.

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