Lunar Table – Interesting Addition To Any Home

Designer, creator, craftsman and artist Jesse Ede creates sculptural furniture inspired by the raw nature … Thanks to his experience in the arts and carpentry, the pieces he designed are aesthetically fascinating and structurally advanced. Now, he has crafted Lunar Table, a one-of-a-kind and otherworldly creation, which seems not to belong to this world.

Lunar Table

The upper part of the table is made of aluminum, which is penetrated by monolithic stone, which is why this whole concept seems to have miraculously came to the earth straight from outer space. To create this piece, Ede and his team first select the right slate stone, then create a shallow, round mold around it and through a process of smelting and open cast pouring, filled it with molten aluminum.

Lunar Table

When cooled, aluminum is converted into the tabletop which reminiscent of the moon. With its minimal design and two-piece construction, Lunar Table simultaneously represents the inherent relationship and apparent juxtaposition between natural materials and manufactured products. As stated on the website of this ingenious artist, he has always enjoyed capturing the rough nature of truly organic surfaces, manipulating them to expose the contrast between the material itself and the man-made processes that form them into sculptures.

Lunar Table

Sleek, but experimental, Lunar table beautifully symbolizes the struggle between wild nature and artistic creation.

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