The Most Elegant Villa Of The “Emerald City”

Nestled on a hill above the charming Queen Anne part of Seattle, the spectacular Riddle Irwin villa offers you views of the Space Needle, city panorama and Puget Sound, from virtually every room… Only this view should be worth the price of this villa, which is $7,8 million, but let’s find out what else it offers before we get ready to move to Seattle. The historical villa you see before you was named after its first two owners – lawyer Charles Riddle and doctor Lilian Irwin and it present one of the best style examples. Her original features are beautifully preserved to this day, giving her a chance to radiate a warm, friendly atmosphere. Although it was renovated 15 years ago, it is by no means obsolete.

Riddle Irwin Villa

Designed at the turn of the twentieth century, this villa has been enhanced with modern amenities from inside and outside, and is also resistant to earthquakes and any other natural disaster. With six bedrooms and five bathrooms, this villa offers us about 650 square meters of luxury space, including a private cinema with automated shutters and velvet curtains on the lower level, a beautiful wine cellar, top-class cuisine and more. We would definitely enjoy the glass of wine on its terrace now, enjoying a beautiful view of Seattle. How about you?

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