Johnnie Walker Whisky and Davidoff Cigars – The Year of the Dog

Celebrating this Chinese New Year, Johnnie Walker Blue Label announces the launch of Year of The Dog. This unique and intricate design tells the story of Johnnie Walker and his clever canine companion journeying around the world, bringing good fortune to all as they rejoice in the arrival of the new year. Only 1 out 10,000 casks is deemed to be of sufficient character to deliver its remarkably smooth signature taste, and these casks are drawn from the largest reserves of whisky in the world. Thus, it is only fitting that Blue Label should be selected for Johnnie Walker’s annual limited-edition celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year. This, the fifth in the series, is Johnnie Walker Blue Label 2018: Year of the Dog ($258).

Johnnie Walker Whisky and Davidoff Cigars

One more famous brand honors the 11th in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac. That’s Davidoff and its now recognizible yearly limited edition Zodiac Series (now sixth release in a row). The Davidoff Year of the Dog 2018 Gran Churchill is a limited-edition cigar, the cigars come packaged in 10 count boxes ($39 each and $390 per box). An impressive Gran Churchill (7×50) format enclosed in a chocolate brown Ecuadorian Habano wrapper develops a charming creaminess at the introduction, followed by spicy flavors attributed to the Nicaraguan Esteli Seco tobacco. A blend and format perfectly fitting to celebrate the Chinese New Year – Year of the Dog. A loyal companion, a trust-worthy friend filled with generosity and affection.

Johnnie Walker Whisky and Davidoff Cigars

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