Glamorous TAG Heuer Link 41mm With Diamonds

The glorious Link model, which has experienced a mastery makeover in 2016, is now presented in an ultra-luxurious variant with a crown, dial and a diamond-colored bracelet. Link is a design that dates back to 1987. The bracelet of the watch is characteristic of the curve shaped by the Latin letter S. This model represents an equally legendary design and standard when it comes to the ergonomics and comfort of the wearer of the watch, and each link is curved at the top, bottom and sides, providing an incredibly smooth feeling on the wrist of the arm.

TAG Heuer Link

Consistent with its image of a luxury Swiss watch manufacturer, TAG Heuer now presents a new version that is even more luxurious and adorned with diamonds. The diameter of the watch case is 41 mm and it has a mother of pearl dial decorated with 12 diamonds of 1.60mm, allowing maximum readability, while the corona combines two designs-pillow base and a folding ring with as many as 54 diamonds. Thanks to its subtle angles, the shape of the case is something between the round and pillow, giving this watch a softer and subtle design. Completely made of steel, the bracelet is fully integrated into the casing, making the horns absolutely superfluous and giving the wearer of the watch more fluid ergonomic design. To wear this watch is incomparable comfort, because the front and back of the bracelet with the polished components provide a very smooth feeling on the wrist of the arm and allow flexible movements.

TAG Heuer Link

This almost rigorous attention and commitment to the tiniest details makes the experience of wearing this watch refined and pleasant. The watch has the automatic Caliber 5 mechanism, visible through the back of the sapphire case and waterproof up to 100m depth. The link is also available with a blue sunray dial that has only a crown decorated with diamonds. The price for Link model with diamond corona is €4,700, while you will have to splash out €18,950 for the version of Link watch that has a crown, dial and bracelet decorated with diamonds.

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