Would You Like To Have Pizza Forever?

The world of art is indeed a colorful and for many incomprehensible … One of the example is this slice of pizza encased in clear acrylic. Six years ago Brooklyn artist Steph Mantis took her love for pizza and channeled it into an art project called Forever Pizza. Since that time, Mantis has created a pizza coasters, pizza night lights, pizza hand warmers and pizza luggage tags. Now, Mantis is selling “Forever Pizza” through her online store.

Forever Pizza

Like the original, each sculpture features a single slice of plain or pepperoni pizza (made by her father at the family’s pizzeria, Pizza By Alex in Biddeford, Maine) steeped in a clear acrylic block. “Each Forever Slice is unique, just like you. And no, you cannot eat it. EVER. (again, just like you!),” explaines designer. This weird artwork will cost you $200 and can be purchased on her website. But, just to inform you that first and second batches of these 4.25 x 2.75 x 1.25 blocks with not edible slice of pizza are already sold out. What to say? Every comment is superfluous.

Forever Pizza

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