Winter Luxury Of Beautiful Villa In Courchevel


The time of winter enjoyment in a fairy-tale atmosphere has arrived, and all we currently want is to leave all our concerns behind us and breathe a gigantic magic …
Only a few places on our planet can be compared to the diversity of the French Alps at this time of the year, and especially Courchevel, one of the best ski resorts and winter resorts in the whole world.

Villa In Courchevel

If you would be delighted with the Alps over the window while sipping morning coffee, accessing the best ski trails and the magical winter landscape, then the Shemshak villa is ideal for you.
This is a luxury lodge located in Courchevel, which is available for rent, and promises you a holiday that you will remember and glad to persuade your whole life. In its exterior, this villa reflects the perfect vision of a French hut, with a colloquial design and timeless elegance that are covered with gentle snow.
When you step into its interior, you will have access to an incomparable luxury, personalized service that will respond to all your needs and interior that is modern, comfortable and full of life. Spacious living room and lodge are decorated with pink and purple colors, although wood plays a major role in this story.

Villa In Courchevel

The dining room follows a similar palette of colors, while four bedrooms and a large family room with bunk beds make up an unforgettable experience here.
Situated directly on the ski trail in Courchevel, this villa is a dream come true for all lovers of skiing, fresh mountain air and a breath-taking view. If you add a heated pool with a view of the mountains, the sauna, the jacuzzi and the gym, we believe that you will be more than satisfied.

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