New York Gets The Highest Outdoor Deck


New York is now home to some of the most impressive buildings in the world, which are truly architectural wonders …
Another name that will soon be on that list is the Hudson Yards Tower, which will for a short period of time adorn the panorama of this city, offering the highest outdoor deck in the city. Named Edge, this sumptuous skyscraper offers a panoramic view of the entire city, while causing a pleasant feeling of dizziness.

Hudson Yards Tower

With a length of more than 305 meters, the Edge consists of 750 square meters of open space, which is reached by an elevator in only sixty seconds. With a glass floor that offers you an ideal bird’s-eye view, this viewpoint is considered the highest of its kind in the western hemisphere, while the fifth highest globally viewed. In addition to an amazing view and ambience, Edge will offer its visitors a restaurant, bar and space for organizing events.
Commenting on this incredible construction, Jason Horkin, executive director of Hudson Yards Experiences, said: “Edge invites visitors to walk in the sky and enjoy the energy of a smooth, panoramic view of the city, which they have not seen before.” Once built, this outdoor deck will be at a higher position than the one offered by the Empire State Tower, and is expected to be open to visitors next year.

Hudson Yards Tower

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