Would You Pay $150 For A Set Of 6 Straws?


Reusable straw have come into fashion, literally, in the last few years as calls for people to be more eco-friendly have increased. But would you pay $25 for one straw? What if we tell you that this priceless straw comes with Dior signature?
Yes, high-end fashion brand Dior unveiled eco-friendly, but NOT economical set of reusable straws which sells online at a price of $150.

Dior Straws

The straws painted in gold come in a beautiful box decked out with Dior’s nature-inspired print in white and red, as well as with the brand’s logo embossed in a gold-tone hue, and are hand-painted and hand-blown which justifies in some way its whopping price.
Retailing at £120 GBP (approximately $150 USD), the Dior straws are available online as well as in select Dior boutiques.

Dior Straws

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