Hennessy Introduces New Special Edition


Maison Hennessy recently unveiled her latest cognac, in the Very Special Limited Edition series, in a beautiful packageā€¦
The new cognac is designed by renowned Argentinian-Spanish artist, Felipe Pantone. The famous brand of cognac has made a tradition of collaborating with talented artists each year, who design their own Very Special bottle.
This year, Felipe Pantone came to show his talent, and we have to admit he didn’t disappoint us.

Very Special Limited Edition

The best cognac brand got a really interesting look with the help of special kinetic forms of this artist. Felipe is known throughout the world for his interesting creations, in the field of kinetic art, graffiti, designs and installations, featuring bold colors and geometric patterns.
New Hennessy V.S. Limited Edition is a captivating blend of bold colors and graphics, with 3D illusions and Hennessey expertise and consistency, all stemming from years of experience creating the best cognacs in the world.

Very Special Limited Edition

For this special issue, Felipe Pantone utilized pieces of Hennessey history, from old labels and bottles, packaging and advertising campaigns, and stitched them together in a very interesting contemporary manner, appropriate to the digital age we live in.

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