Acoustic Immersion Pod – Acoustically Optimized Chamber

If you wish to get the best of your music without upgrading your home audio system then the recently launched Acoustic Immersion Pod from Hammacher will be an apt choice. This is the pod that immerses a listener in an acoustically optimized chamber, providing an enveloping audio experience with its robust six-speaker surround sound system.

Acoustic Immersion Pod
Acoustic Immersion Pod

Providing a frequency response of 20 Hz-20 kHz for a full range of sound ideal for movies, sporting events, music, or games, the system is comprised of five 5 1/4″ 40-watt mid- to high-range speakers built into the pod’s ceiling (providing 80 watts peak output) and one 10″ 250-watt subwoofer speaker under the seat. Meeting the 5.1 standards and 500 watt peak output it places the listener in the immediate vicinity of on screen explosions, orchestral chords or world cup matches.

The interior of geeky chamber is lined with closed cell acoustic foam which is the same material that is used in the recording studio to disperse, deflect and absorb the sound waves so as to create a personal sound environment which will not disturb the ones who are nearby. Available in a red shell with red foam or a black shell with gray foam, this 58inch high, 34inch wide and 36inch deep Acoustic Immersion Pod is priced at $3,000 apiece.

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