Exclusive New iPhone Titanium Cases from Hagardzo

Hagardzon Titanium iPhone Case - As High-tech as the iPhone Inside

As High-tech as the iPhone Inside

Much sought-after Swedish craftsman, Anders Hagardzon, has designed two stunning Cases for the iPhone 4. Fashioned purely from aerospace-grade titanium, these exclusive mobile accessories are known simply as Alpha and Beta. As one would expect, both cases have been engineered to protect the customer’s iPhone from inadvertent damage. Equally important, they have been designed to please even the most discerning eye. Each model is available in two versions – Solid and Light.

Known best for combining modern tools and materials with the traditional skills of the master ébéniste, Hagardzon has made a name for himself in yachting circles in recent years. Not content to limit himself to fine-wood and mother-of-pearl inlays, he has also developed techniques to handcraft titanium and precious metals, and has become proficient in the use of carbon-fiber and Kevlar, as well. His signature attaché cases represent a mix of advanced technology and master craftsmanship that have served as a stepping-off point for the design of the new iPhone 4 cases.

My specialized form of cabinetmaking has been practiced by skilled artisans for centuries, says Anders Hagardzon, but in a world that all too often gives priority to the massproduced over the hand-crafted, our numbers have dwindled over recent decades.

Still he carries on, wedding craftsmanship with innovation. In many ways, his work on Alpha and Beta can be seen as miniaturized cabinetmaking and certainly reflects an old-world penchant for integrity, responsibility and refinement. Both of these new precision-made cases combine technological excellence with esthetic appeal.

Alpha provides the clean straight lines that result from form following function. A no-frills solution to iPhone protection, Alpha is simplicity itself.

Beta, with its beveled corners, is reminiscent of the first metalencased transistor radios of days gone-by, yet has been designed with a high-tech twist that makes a twentyfirst century statement.

Both models require a little assembly, but the titanium screws and a screwdriver are included in the package, and you won’t ever have to worry about the case slipping off inadvertently! [Hagardzon]

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