New Wiesmann GT MF4-CS

At this year’s Geneva Motor Show Wiesmann GT MF4-CS had its premiere, which last month announced a teaser images. It is a variant of the model Sport Club GT MF4-S and it is slightly lighter (20 kg).

The GT MF4-CS is 2 meters width, 1.2 meters height, 4.22 meters length and built upon an aluminium monocoque frame chassis. It’s a two-seater with rear wheel drive and mid-engine architecture. The body was crafted from fiber glass except the rear wing, which is manufactured from one hundred percent carbon fiber.

Wiesmann GT MF4-CS
The brand new Wiesmann GT MF4-CS was recently unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show

The car is fitted with aluminium double wishbone suspension with coil springs, anti-roll bar on both axles, trailing arm on the rear axle and a fully variable self-locking differential.

Powered by a 4.0L V8 engine with 309 kW/420KS from BMW E92 M3, Wiesmann weight is 1350 kg, while the ratio of weight / strength of 3.2 kg per 1KS. Wiesmann says that acceleration from 0 to 60mph takes 4.4 seconds, and that the maximum speed is 180mph. It boasts airbags, integrated side impact protection system, safety steering, engine immobilizer, DSC and ABS. You will not encounter with any air conditioning and audio systems though, but they do come as optional extras.

Production will be limited to only 25 pieces of Wiesmann GT MF4-CS, and in Germany it costs $252,000.

Wiesmann GT MF4-CS
Wiesmann GT MF4-CS
Wiesmann GT MF4-CS
Production will be limited to only 25 pieces of Wiesmann GT MF4-CS


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