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New Yamaha MT-09

Yamaha has announced last week the arrival of the first new three-cylinder two-wheel driven engine. Its new Yamaha MT-09, three-cylinder engine with aggressive look and beautiful style. Yamaha’s three-cylinder engine capacity of 850 cc with its 115hp and 87.5 Nm of torque is the strongest and most agile engine similar capacity in the market. This […]

Reuge by MB&F Music Machine

Watchmaker MB&F has made something apparently crazy. Its the first kinetic machine that isn’t a timepiece. The MB&F MusicMachine is the collaboration between REUGE and Maximilian Busser & Friends (MB&F). The tabletop music box play six beautiful and eclectic tunes. The MusicMachine’s dual propellers are turned to wind up it up. The twin silver cylinders […]

Vertu Ti, The Brand’s First Android Phone

Shortly after the first rumors have surfaced that show significant evidence that will soon appear first Vertu ti phone with Android operating system, the brand’s firstborn saw the light of the day. It seems that the luxury and high prices are not enough, but for a new generation of Vertu Ti required and the capability […]