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    Kate Spade’s Hamptons Art Village Estate Now for $4.75 Million

    Kate Spade has lowered the price for her Hamptons Art Village Estate since the price of $5.75 million was obviously too high. 18 months after unsuccessful attempt to get rid of the house, fashion designers Kate and Andy Spade now offer their Southampton retreat, the largest in the upscale locale’s historic Art Village, for $4.75 […] More

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    Hawaiian Most Expensive Cottage on Sale for $2.5 Million

    You have dreamed to spend your days in retirement dealing only with fishing and loitering in some secluded cottage overlooking the ocean. Here is an ideal offer for you. Although it cost $2.5 million, but it’s really a “slice of paradise,” as described by Sotheby’s. Tucked in the middle of the Hawaiian countryside with vistas […] More