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Wooden Chopper Bike

Motorcycle Enthusiast Builds His Dream Chopper Out of Wood. And It Runs!

Istvan Puskas of Hungary villages Tiszaros managed to make an motorcycle that is almost entirely made ​​of wood. Puskas was delighted his fellow citizens when he appeared one day on a bike which is made almost of a solid wood. This hot machine can transport three passengers, and is made ​​of pine, while the handles […]

Nespresso’s New VertuoLine Will Revolutionize The North American Coffee Market

VertuoLine: Nespresso's Intelligent Coffee/Espresso System Aims to Revolutionize American Coffee Market

Nespresso launches its new VertuoLine system in the United States and Canada. This is the first Nespresso machine that brews both American style large-cup coffee and authentic European espresso for which the brand is famous. For the first time ever, coffee lovers can experience large-cup coffee with crema. The silky, generous crema is the sign […]

Ayrton Sena’s NSX On eBay

three-time world champion in Formula 1

New Acura NSX will likely be extremely fun driving machine, and it will be interesting to see how they will keep the spirit of the original model, by which this model became famous. Of course, for those who want to experience the old NSX, there is the internet, and it should be noted that it […]

Robot From 1950 On Auction

large robot from the 1950s at next month's auction in London

Fans of science fiction with a slightly deeper pockets will be able to bought a large robot from the 1950s at next month’s auction in London. It is expected that a robot named Cygan, reach the price of $18.500. Weighs half a ton, machine, which is a bit like the Tin Man from “The Wizard […]

Apple 1 Sold For $671,000 At The Auction

Apple I Computer

As we previously announced the first personal computer model from Apple, who founders of the company Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak manually compiled, sold for, not for pre-estimated $389,525, but a whopping $671,400. Even after Jobs death almost two years ago, the world remains enthralled with Apple’s mythology. Last november for an Apple-1 was paid […]

The Great Gatsby Gold & Platinum Record Set

Limited in numbers, The Great Gatsby – Gold & Platinum Limited Edition Metallized Record Set is now available as pre-order through Third Man Records online store and its Nashville retail location for $250

Such as Garbage, Radiohead and The Cardigans marked soundtrack for Romeo + Juliet and provided an alternate perspective of the well-known story of tragic love, so the Lana Del Rey, Jack White, The xx and Florence and The Machine do with the music from film The Great Gatsby’s. Perhaps the greatest success of this compilation […]

Reuge by MB&F Music Machine

Reuge by MB&F Music Machine

Watchmaker MB&F has made something apparently crazy. Its the first kinetic machine that isn’t a timepiece. The MB&F MusicMachine is the collaboration between REUGE and Maximilian Busser & Friends (MB&F). The tabletop music box play six beautiful and eclectic tunes. The MusicMachine’s dual propellers are turned to wind up it up. The twin silver cylinders […]